Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CGI Special Free Workshop - A guide to a complete 'Healthy You'

Health > Special Event By CGI Holistic Wellness Center

Are you as healthy as you want to be?

Are you curious to learn how you can do more in less time?

- Date: 11/15 Saturday - Free Admission

- Time: 1:30PM ~ 3:00PM

- Location: CGI Wellness Center - Taorobic Room(2F)

CGI Invites you to come and learn about what it takes to be completely healthy.
When we say health, most people only think about their physical health. However, there is more to you than just your body; you need to feel good too!
Through this workshop, you can gain a better awareness of how your body, mind and spirit work together to create balance in your life.
Did you know that your emotions affect your body, regardless of exercise? Did you also know that your mindset directs your actions? When you are more aware of how energy works, you can even decrease your stress level and boost your immune system. Through this workshop, you will begin to see the link between being happy, being healthy, and the steps in-between needed for both.
How can you bring your mind to your body?
To do this, we need energy. Principles of energy will be explained; more than that, these principles will be experienced through guided exercises and meditation. As the mind, body, and spirit come together, a deeper experience and understanding of energy will be had, and the benefits will become clearer.
Our trainer, Kyla Heo, will lead you through simple training methods to help you with stress release, unifying the mind, body, and spirit, and feeling good from the inside out!

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