Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guide to meditation and deep breathing

Nourish your body and rejuvenate your mind with deep relaxation and meditation.

Some guidelines to help you meditate:

1)  Lie down and relax

2) Relax the body through conscious awareness

Focus on each little part of your body, scanning from head to toe, consciously releasing your muscular tension.
3)  Watch your breath and release tension

a)    Begin watching your breath, feel it filling up your body from the inside, and then gently exhale out your mouth

b)    Imagine as you breathe in, breath is entering through the crown of your head, and filling your brain.  As you exhale picture the stress leaving your body through your mouth. 
4)  Deep breathing

Inhale through your nose into your abdomen.  Your belly should gently inflate and expand inside when you breathe in.  Let your breath sit in your abdomen for a moment, then exhale slowly from your nose.  You will feel your abdomen getting warmer, and your mind more calm.  Allow your breath to become even, soft, and deep.
5) You should feel refreshed and renewed!

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  1. Meditation is done with eyes shut. This way, you can get more focus. When you are about to end the session, open your eyes, but do not resume to your normal activities just yet. Instead, get up slowly and do some stretching exercises. Then, you can go back to your normal routine. guide to meditation