Monday, July 21, 2014

Recovering from Chronic Disease through Energy Healing Workshop

Through rhythmic movement and focused attention, 

it helps you manage stress, rediscover your physical vitality and 

stimulate your natural healing ability.

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On July 15, CGI held a free workshop entitled Recovering from Chronic Disease through energy healing. Twenty two courageous individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, or others illnesses attended the workshop.

The participants learned about the principles of what causes these issues and how to improve their energy level to change the condition of their body. They had very low energy and weak bodies so it was difficult for them to exercise. During the workshop, they first did a balance/flexibility test to check their condition.  Then, they practiced floor exercises which consisted of toe tapping, twisting and relaxation postures accompanied with breathing exercises. The participants were able to begin building up and accumulating energy to focus on their body. Through this, they were able to change their current energy condition. 

Everyone could easily begin to practice these exercises at home. The participants also learned a very easy moving meditation called BRAIN WAVE VIBRATION. Brain Wave Vibration is a simple, easy-to-follow brain fitness and holistic healing method that helps bring your body and mind back into balance. Through rhythmic movement and focused attention, it helps you manage stress, rediscover your physical vitality AND STIMULATE YOUR NATURAL HEALING ABILITY.

The participants also experienced Energy Meditation and Energy Dancing. This is a free-form energy meditation where they were able to feel ki- energy and experience inner peace and deep relaxation. Through the connection with energy, the entire body is able to respond in very gentle dance-like movements and participants felt so quiet, peaceful and relaxed.
At the end of the workshop there was a Question & Answer session where some of the individuals shared and asked questions about their conditions.

Everyone was gifted with a complimentary 30 minute evaluation by Master Michelle, in order to better help them overcome their health obstacles.

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