Friday, April 11, 2014

Seasonal Allergy

Do you have allergies? What causes allergies? And why you?

The spring has finally arrived! It is perfect weather for out door activities. But you may be worried. As much as you like to enjoy the beautiful weather, you are afraid of seasonal allergies that come around this time of the year. Do you already see people sneezing and blowing their nose?

The substances that are known to causes allergies are called allergens. But actually what really causes allergies is your body. Most of allergens are harmless but for some reason your body mistakenly recognize them as a threat and try to attack them. This is allergic reaction.

Most common seasonal allergen is pollen. There are so many different kinds of pollens. Maple, Juniper, Poplar, Oak and ect.. You are probably not allergic to all of these tree pollens but to a specific one. Check what are the predominant pollens in your geographical location and find what pollen you are allergic to. You may also see an allergy specialist to take a test to find what substances you have allergic reaction to. By simply avoiding this trigger, taking medication, or even getting an allergy shot, you will be able to get through this allergy season with ease. 

There are few things you can to do in order to avoid the pollens.

1. Stay indoors on windy days or when pollen count is high.
2. Leave your shoes outside of the house.
3. Install air fillers that catch most of pollens and dust mites
4. Clean your nasal passage. (e.g netipot)
5. Wash your bed cover, sheets and pillowcase regularly

Although the reason of developing an allergy is uncertain, one is more likely to develop it if the immune system is weak. While trying to avoid the pollens, always strengthen your immune system for a healthy life.  Some people also said they were able to alleviate their allergy symptoms through consistent exercise, meditation and breathing trainings. Find what works best for you and beat the allergy!

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful weather. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 A Day (Healthy Foods)


In the United States, 5 A Day is the name of a number of programs to encourage the consumption of at least five portions of fruits and vegetables each day, following a recommendation by the World Health Organization that individuals consume at least 400g of vegetables daily.

Recommended: Juices from nature fruits and vegies without sweetener.  One glass of juice is good. You may consume more than enough amount of sugar if you drink more than a glass cup. 


Korean cuisine is based on the principle of five elements: earth, metal, fire, water and wood. These elements are reflected in cooking methods -- wood fires, boiling water, clay and metal pots -- and in five types of seasonings --salty, bitter, hot, sweet and sour. The theory of yin and yang and the five elements that make up the universe. According to this belief, a person’s body is healthy only when the yin-yang and the five elements are in balance. For this reason, a traditional Korean table includes dishes or garnishes of five colors, (green, red, yellow, white, and black). This rainbow of food colors is not just visually appealing; the colors represent the five elements and the wisdom of nutritional balance.

Recommended: Bibimbap (Rice with 5~6 kinds of vegies). You can customize this dish with eggs and meat. If you do not like spicy food, do not put much of the pepper paste sauce that comes with it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Food to avoid at all cost!

It will soon become the spring and we will see people starting their diet, which they might have stopped over the winter. I know some people that recently started to exercise to prepare their bodies for the coming summer. Well, it is already March. This is about the right time to start your diet if you plan to see the result around the summer.

My co-worker recently realized that his pants that were once so large that he could not wear do not fit him anymore. He was shocked and started his diet with some extreme fitness program he found on the internet. It has been a month since he started and he found something very interesting about his body. This fitness plan comes with some strict rules on foods. The first week he followed the rules. He immediately lost a few pounds. However, the second week, he started to fall back into his old habit. He had a cup of chocolate milk and cookies before going to sleep. He thought it was not that bad since he continued his exercise. He was surprised when he stepped on a scale. His weight was right back to where it was before the exercise. That extra sugar he consumed really worked against his effort and sweat he shed doing the extremely difficult exercise. As he stopped this bad eating habit, once again he stared to see his weight dropping little by little. Yeap! It is true. It only takes that little extra sugar. That is why you don’t see any exercise plan without some sort of meal plan.
If you are serious about being healthy and losing weight, here is a list of foods you should avoid at all cost.

1    1. White Bread: This is mostly bleached flour. Most of nutrients are taken off during the bleaching process and the stuff left for you to eat is something your body turns into fat.

2    2. Low fat/fat free products: Be aware that most of the products that are advertised as fat free or low fat contains extra sugar or other stuff to replace that fat. They appear to be healthier choice but they are really not. Research before buying any of these products to gain more insight as to whether it is really what it claims to be for your body.

3    3. Processed meats: Sausage, hotdog, and many other processed meats are high in sodium, and saturated fat but the more important thing you should know is that some chemicals used to make these products found to be harmful to the human body. Many studies have found that these chemicals increase the risk of cancer. When you buy meats read the labels and avoid any meat that contains sodium nitrite or MSG.

4    4. Margarines: Some margarines (hard ones like stick margarines) contain large amount of trans fat. Everyone knows by now how bad trans fat is to the human body. It increases the risk heart attack by increasing bad cholesterol level while decreasing good cholesterol in your body.

      5. Microwave Popcorn: This popular snack contains a lot of chemicals harmful to the human body. Of these chemicals, Diacetyl which some popcorn manufacturers claimed to ban, released while the popcorn is heated in a microwave, causes a serious lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans. This is now widely known as “popcorn lung”  

I am sure there are much more to add to this list. I guess the main point is what you eat is as important as what you do for your body. Your sweat for your diet will be in vain if not combined with good food and eating habit.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Healing Low Back Pain

It is very common to hear someone complaining about back pain. As more people work in an office sitting at their desks most of their time and have less time to exercise, low back pain has been one of the most common health issues in the United States. The number of people who experience this health condition does not seem to shrink but is expected to increase.

Do you have any kind of back pain? If you do, you should know that there are mental risk factors as many as physical factors. They are anxiety, depression, stress and so on. While seeking treatment for back pain, incorporating treatment to decrease the level of anxiety, depression and stress might maximize the healing impact on the back pain. As the eastern holistic medical approach is becoming more popular especially in treating back and neck pain, some medical doctors recommend their patients to add this alternative medical treatment such as acupuncture or massage therapy to their original treatment plans.    

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Psychological Trauma

Have you had any stressful experience that was very disturbing, made you feel helpless or very upset? If you can remember and name a few, it probably means you had traumatic experiences.

In the past, people though time was the only medicine for psychological trauma, but just letting the time pass might not solve the program. While some recover from it fair quickly, the other cannot forget and do not recover or do very slow. How quickly one recovers from trauma depends on the experiences.
While trauma itself does not do any physical harm to the body, some believe that it can lead to more serious illnesses and that it is necessary to seek professional help for those who suffer from trauma.

See this article to learn more about emotional and psychological trauma and check if you might need some help to truly overcome this emotional illness.