Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Discover Your Life’s Purpose in the Chun Hwa Shim Sung Workshop

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  • Date: Sunday, Jan. 24 from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: CGI Wellness Center
  • Cost: $295 (20% off Early Registration by 12/30- $236)
  • Trainer: Master Michelle

What is the purpose of my life?

We’ve all faced this difficult question before. In a world dominated by materialism and superficiality, finding your passion and chasing your dream isn’t always an easy thing to do. Often times we get caught up chasing goals that only bring short-term satisfaction and leave us feeling empty.

So, how can I live a life of meaning and purpose?

There’s only one person that can answer this question. It may not seem like it, but that person is you.

Take a journey of self-exploration and get back in touch with the person you truly are, and the person you’re destined to become. Only by uncovering our true soul’s character can we discover our life’s purpose.

The Principle of Chun Hwa, “Completion of the Soul,” guides you toward a better line of communication with the essence of your soul. The answers to life’s difficult questions will surface. After all, they’ve been inside you all along.

It’s time to discover the incredible power within.

Experience the Principle of Chun Hwa by signing up for a workshop at CGI’s Wellness Center (201-784-1300).

Your soul is waiting.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Love Yourself So Your Partner Can Love You

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We spend so much time searching for that special someone: someone to love, someone to cherish, someone to stand by, through the good times and the bad. In our mind it seems simple: meet your soulmate, fall in love, live happily ever after. So why doesn’t it ever all go according to plan?

Love comes naturally, but it doesn’t come easily.

Loving someone means being vulnerable, and opening yourself up to the chance of being hurt. To love means to trust, and to trust can be a very scary thing. But at the end of the day, it’s something we all need to learn how to do.

What makes a relationship work isn’t just the love between two people, but the trust they place in each other.

Let your loved one see the real you.

When it comes to loving someone, all the things we try to hide about ourselves eventually come to light. We all have our flaws, we all make mistakes, and we all do embarrassing things, but there comes a time when we must accept our quirky habits and secret pleasures, and realize that someone who truly loves us will accept them.

Learn to love yourself so others can love you, too.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Helping Your Child by Helping Yourself

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Every parent wants what’s best for their child: a comfortable home, healthy meals, a top-notch education, quality healthcare. As parents, we devote our lives to providing our children with everything they need to live a fulfilling life.

We want them to chase their dreams. We want them to reach their goals. We want them to live their life to the fullest. The only problem is…

We can’t always get what we want.

No parent wants to see their child in pain. No parent wants to see their child upset. Every parent wants to relieve their child’s suffering. No parent wants to be the cause.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you love your child, how much you provide them with, and how much you try to shield them from negative influences, there comes a time when every parent has to accept their lack of control.

Your child may be your baby, but they are also their own person. A person who lives and loves, laughs and dreams, and sometimes, hurts and cries. Many parents blame themselves when things go wrong in their child’s life, wondering what they did to lead their child to distress.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Experience A Personal Transformation in the Finding Your True Self Workshop

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We all like to think we’re in touch with who we truly are. We tell ourselves we’re in control of our emotions, able to handle stress, and motivated to reach our full potential. Deep down inside, we know this isn’t always the case.

Often times, we choose not to acknowledge our mental thought patterns and emotional habits. In turn, we prevent ourselves from living our best life.

Give your truth a chance to speak.

Only by identifying and accepting our patterns and habits can we bring about positive change in our lives.  With all of our daily stresses and distractions, it’s easy to fall off track. The good thing is, it’s just as easy to get back on.

Open a direct path to a greater understanding of Your Self.

The Finding Your True Self workshop helps you develop physical, emotional, and mental sensitivity to experience your deepest essence. By unlocking your spiritual core, this powerful program ignites the personal transformation and increased motivation we all need to excel.
Change begins here, and it begins with you.

  • Date: Saturday - Sunday, Jan. 16 & 17
  • Trainer: Master Jay

For more information about this workshop, please call 201-784-1300.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Regain Control of Your Emotions by Experiencing the Power of Brain Education

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WE are not our emotions. Our emotions are OURS.

We all experience stress in our lives. Whether it’s from our careers, financial situations, or even difficulties with families and friends, experiencing a stressful situation is something we all face at one point or another. While we may not always be in control of how and when they occur, what we CAN control is how we respond when dealing with a stressful situation.

When difficult moments pop up in our lives, there is one thing we all must remember:

WE are not our emotions. Our emotions are OURS.

Taking control of how we feel isn’t always an easy thing to do, but once you know how to do it, it becomes easier each time.

Our brain is changeable according to our experiences, perceptions, thoughts and emotions. The neuroplasticity of our brain-marks its capacity for change in response to our experiences.

Learning how our brain works grant us the ability to regain control over our emotions, and Brain Education gives us the tools we need to do so.

Now you may be wondering: what is Brain Education? The answer is simple: Brain Education is an innovative method for creating health, happiness, optimal achievement and peacefulness through better self-management of the brain. Not only does it teach you how to take control of how you feel, it allows you to experience the change for yourself

Sign up for a class in Brain Education and prepare to witness your self-regulation, confidence, stress management, anxiety, self-esteem, and relationships show significant changes to positively enhance your well-being. Your brain will thank you.

The Brain Education Teaching Workshop (BETW) is a great introductory 2-day course to experience these benefits in an engaging, nurturing and dynamic format. The next BETW will be held at the Bronx Body & Brain Center, from January 23-24, 2016. We also offer a professional instructor certification program to teach Brain Education to children and adults through the 6-day BE Leadership Course.  This course will be offered in Sedona, AZ from February 7-13 and in Ellenville, NY, from February 15-21.  Please visit for more details.