Thursday, June 2, 2016

Earth Citizen Momentum!

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Earth Citizen Momentum!
Power Brain Potential Conference & 6th Annual NJ/NY Earth Citizen Festival

May was truly a celebratory month for the Earth Citizen Movement. New York and New Jersey kicked off the spring with two unforgettable, fun-filled fundraisers for Earth Citizens Organization (ECO): the Power Brain Potential Workshop & Conference on May 7th and the 6th Annual NJ/NY Earth Citizen Walk on May 15th.

-Power Brain Potential-

The Power Brain Potential event was a conference and series of interactive workshops designed to introduce educators, parents, and community leaders to the Brain Education (BE) program. Brain Education is an innovative educational program designed to develop the full potential of the human brain through physical, emotional, and cognitive wellness. The Forest Hills (Queens) elementary school, Public School 144, hosted Power Brain Potential in honor of the significant benefits they have seen throughout the community since integrating BE into their curriculum.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

HwangChil Healing Cafe Opening Soon

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Hwangchil, the Thousand Years Dendropanax Tree, has been used for centuries for its ability to purify the entire circulatory system, and return the human body back to a natural state of balance. Drink it to calm the nerves, detoxify the internal organs, regulate blood pressure, and dramatically improve the quality of sleep.

“My blood pressure has gone down from 160/90 to 130/80 in one month of drinking HwangChil tea. I sleep better, and feel calmer - I will continue to drink it for the rest of my life!”  
-Larry, CGI member.

Monday, April 11, 2016

What is Qigong?

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Qigong is about finding health, happiness, peace, and ultimately encountering your true nature.

Now, all martial arts, including Dahnmudo & tai chi, can all be considered a form of Qi gong. This is because they are about accumulating and circulating energy, Qi (vital life energy).  Although DMD is Qigong, it also includes dance, healing and martial arts. Dance, martial arts and healing were originally one, in ancient martial art practices. Dahnmudo is about training the fundamentals of these all at once.

Dahnmudo is more than just training physically; it includes evolving from the physical, to the energetic, and from the energetic to the spiritual. I started training in Dahnmudo in 2011, and though I practiced martial arts for many years before this, I have never encountered a martial art like this one. Through this training, I have changed in many ways: my body has become healthier, and mentally I have experienced peace, something that I once only could dream of. I used to be very anxious, easily frustrated and impatient, but now I am much calmer, and free. I can certainly say that my life has changed.

Through Dahnmudo you can recover your health, your self-worth, your self-confidence plus more.

The biggest benefit? You can even attain peace of mind. Through the training principles I was able to even learn about life’s purpose.

Dahnmudo’s fundamental structure lies in one’s state of mind. It is fundamental based on diligence, honesty, and responsibility for one’s health and harmony, and that of others.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Special Event: Underwater Photographic Exhibition featuring the work of Harry Martin

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CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa proudly presents Underwater Photographic Exhibition featuring the work of Harry Martin, an Emmy award winning TV anchor who began his career in journalism as a news photographer.

Photographs will be displayed during the following dates: 
2/15 (Mon) - 2/29 (Mon)

Please come anytime during our operational hours to view his work. 
(Mon-Fri: 6 am to 10 pm, Sat&Sun: 7 am to 7 pm)

If you wish to meet with Harry Martin for Q&A sessions, we cordially invite you to 'Meet the photographer' event to be held this Saturday, February 20th, at 11 am.

He will showcase the underwater camera and screen a video illustrating the process by which his photographs are taken.

We are honored to have Harry Martin share his passion as a long standing member of CGI and we welcome all members and guests to enjoy this special event.

Sincerely yours,
CGI family

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tales of Power and Healing from ChunHwaShimsung

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“If You CHOOSE It, It Will Happen”

-BOS Principle No. 3

January’s ChunHwa Shim Sung workshop was a complete hit! The whole-day training was a testament to the power of choice, as well as the necessity of global citizenship today. In spite of inclement weather conditions the day before and even a ban on ingress/egress in and out of New York City, more than three dozen people came together for a unique opportunity to re-awaken their latent potential and rediscover the strength of their dreams.