Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tales of Power and Healing from ChunHwaShimsung

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“If You CHOOSE It, It Will Happen”

-BOS Principle No. 3

January’s ChunHwa Shim Sung workshop was a complete hit! The whole-day training was a testament to the power of choice, as well as the necessity of global citizenship today. In spite of inclement weather conditions the day before and even a ban on ingress/egress in and out of New York City, more than three dozen people came together for a unique opportunity to re-awaken their latent potential and rediscover the strength of their dreams.

“Since taking the ChunHwaShimsung workshop, I have found that I am more motivated, determined, and open-hearted” 

– ChunHwa Shim Sung Participant

This extra special variant of the Shim Sung (“Finding Your True Self”) workshop was not just about dreaming big-it was about dreaming bigger than ourselves, and realizing a dream that fulfills the individual while simultaneously building a healthier, happier, more peaceful community. THAT is what the principle of ChunHwa (“completion”) is all about.

If you need an example, look no further than CGI Staff’s tireless effort to ensure safe transportation for members who resided all over the New York/New Jersey region. Masters from each of the centers even provided 4-wheel drive door-to-door pickups for snowed-in residents!

The day included meridian stretching to stimulate circulation and awaken the mind-body connection. Tao Master and Holistic Healer, Michelle Moon, also took members on a journey of healing their emotional trauma and overcoming their physical/cognitive limitations. One member shared that he “looked deep into [his] subconscious mind and found the source to many of [his] compelling and detrimental issues” At the end of the workshop he even stated “I feel proud of myself!”

“If you give positive messages to yourself, you can always feel power within you” 

– Master Michelle Moon

We hope that you will join us next time for this incredible opportunity to strengthen your physical body, purify heavy emotions, and versatilize your mind.

Go deep into your subconscious mind and rekindle the strength and natural healing power within YOU.

Discover the power of choosing a dream that benefits all humanity!

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