Monday, April 11, 2016

What is Qigong?

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Qigong is about finding health, happiness, peace, and ultimately encountering your true nature.

Now, all martial arts, including Dahnmudo & tai chi, can all be considered a form of Qi gong. This is because they are about accumulating and circulating energy, Qi (vital life energy).  Although DMD is Qigong, it also includes dance, healing and martial arts. Dance, martial arts and healing were originally one, in ancient martial art practices. Dahnmudo is about training the fundamentals of these all at once.

Dahnmudo is more than just training physically; it includes evolving from the physical, to the energetic, and from the energetic to the spiritual. I started training in Dahnmudo in 2011, and though I practiced martial arts for many years before this, I have never encountered a martial art like this one. Through this training, I have changed in many ways: my body has become healthier, and mentally I have experienced peace, something that I once only could dream of. I used to be very anxious, easily frustrated and impatient, but now I am much calmer, and free. I can certainly say that my life has changed.

Through Dahnmudo you can recover your health, your self-worth, your self-confidence plus more.

The biggest benefit? You can even attain peace of mind. Through the training principles I was able to even learn about life’s purpose.

Dahnmudo’s fundamental structure lies in one’s state of mind. It is fundamental based on diligence, honesty, and responsibility for one’s health and harmony, and that of others.

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