Friday, November 14, 2014

How to increase your vitality through walking

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What if someone said that walking could actually add years on to your life?

With the arrival of Fall, many people begin to think of the upcoming winter, but some are able to enjoy the season as it is. Fall is a popular time for walking and enjoying the changing, colorful scenery.
Everyone knows about the benefits of walking and how it aids in keeping healthy. The circulation of blood is maintained, which reduces swelling, knee problems, and cold feet. But, what if someone said that walking could actually add years on to your life?
Through a method called Jangsaeng (Vitality) Walking, you can increase and enhance your energy just through a specific way of walking. While doing this, a natural bounce to your step will happen and you will begin to feel lighter and happier the more that you walk. Through this type of walking, you can strengthen your legs, which helps the knees, and you can begin to straighten your spine!
So what is Jangsaeng Walking?
It is a way of holding yourself, with the body angled 1 degree forward, so that your weight rests on the balls of your feet, on an acupressure point called Yong Chun. When this point is stimulated, natural vitality spring up, which is the root of the phrase, ‘putting a spring in your step.’
The arms should hang and sway freely, with the head held at chin level. It is important to smile, as this releases happy hormones and endorphins through your body. Keep your feet parallel, as if walking alongside an imaginary line. Since your body will be angled forward slightly, this will give you a forward momentum.
At first, this form of walking will leave you feeling strange and uncoordinated, but do not give up! Very soon, it will become natural, and leave you feeling lighter, younger, and more energetic!

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