Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Recovering from Anxiety, Depression and emotional disorders workshop

Everyone felt much more hopeful, peaceful and lighter at the end of the training and they felt like they had more practical tools to use in their daily life to combat their symptoms.

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On August 12, 2014, CGI held its third free workshop. The topic of this workshop was helping people to recover from Anxiety, Depression and Emotional disorders.  Thirty two participants joined the workshop, some bringing a friend or family member, all anxious to find out how they can become happier and healthier.

The participants learned principles to help them to understand that emotions are like the weather and that feeling emotion is absolutely normal. The key to dealing with emotions is not the emotion, but managing them and being able to change them. They understood that when a person is able to find their absolute value, they can be happy. Absolute value has nothing to do with outside conditions nor does it come from comparison because every human being is beautiful in their own way without any conditions. They learned how to reach their zero point so that they could feel their absolute value by releasing emotions to let go of their negative thoughts to become comfortable, peaceful and happy.

The participants experienced five levels of vibration training to be able to let go of their anxiety and thoughts. Following the vibration they were guided into deep relaxation where participants were able to release a lot of emotion and meet with their true self. It is at this point where they were able to experience their absolute value and felt very peaceful and comfortable. The training ended with energy meditation (jigam) where the participants sent “life particles” which is positive healing energy to themselves.

The workshop ended with a question and answer session where they shared their experience throughout the training. The consensus was that everyone felt much more hopeful, peaceful and lighter at the end of the training and they felt like they had more practical tools to use in their daily life to combat their symptoms.

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