Sunday, February 2, 2014

I don’t have a time to exercise..Here is an opportunity for you! (Before/After Work Group Sessions)

I remember someone once said “Time is not what you have, but it is what you make” I probably heard this when I complained about my tight schedule. I didn’t get it at once, but now it is totally true. 

I see someone who is a full time student, works part-time during weekends and go to a church every week says he tries to learn a new language when he has some free time, and I also know someone who stays home and take care of her son says how busy she is. We know exercise is important but often many chose not to because they feel they are too busy for this. Well…it really depends on your will power. 

Now, for its members who want to exercise, CGI is offering morning (before work) group exercise session and evening (after work) evening group exercise for free of charge. 


"Before work" session (6:30AM) will be led by the most passionate trainer of CGI with full of energy, Jonathan Martinez. This exercise is to boost your energy so that you become more energetic and effective at you work.    


"After work" session (7:00PM) will be taught by the experienced, skillful yet compassionate trainer of CGI, Kyla Heo. This session will focus on how to relieve stress and fatigue build up from work and prepare you for the next day. 

This program will start in the first week of February. If you lack motivation to change your day, please come out and meet others. Although they may have same issues as you, they might help you feel motivated

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