Sunday, February 2, 2014

CGI OPEN HOUSE - Free Health Evaluation! Don't miss!

CGI started Wellness Campaign at the beginning of 2014 by providing CGI members with a quarterly health evaluation. This consists of the following tests.

1. Body Composition Analysis

2. Stress Level of your Brain

3. Age of your Physical Body

4. Chakra Development Status

5. Health condition of your Organs

6. Breathing Quality

This evaluation has been a great tool for the members to understand their physical and mental condition and find the best way to improve their health as well as wellness. With the results from the tests, CGI health consultant guides you with various exercises and therapy that are most beneficial in improving your total fitness and wellness level. Here is the great news. CGI will have open-house days on 2/06 (Thursday) and 2/22(Saturday) and this health evaluation will be provided free for anyone who visits CGI during the event. Do not miss this great change. Call now to schedule an appointment at (201) 784-5575 or visit CGI Website

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