Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prevent Post-Thanksgiving Symptoms

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I wish all of you a happy holiday! We are happy to eat lots of delicious food and some sweet drinks, but it is usually the day after Thanksgiving we realize that we perhaps had way too much food. Due to eating much more than usual, there are many who suffer post-Thanksgiving symptoms such as acid-reflux and bloated stomach. Some suffer more severely than others depending on their stomach conditions and the amount of food they eat. In order not to feel this way after Thanksgiving, you may want to do some simple practices that will prevent you from overeating.

1. Drink some water an hour before the dinner. This prepares your body to intake a heavy meal and helps your body digest the food.

2. Take your time while eating. Eat slowly and chew the food. Don’t swallow.  Chewing is the first digestion process. It helps your stomach break down all the food easier and faster.

3. If you are full, drop the folk. Take a break and eat again little later. There will be a lot of leftover. So don’t worry and give yourself some break to digest the food you already ate.

4. Drink some green tea before or after the meal. This helps your body break down the fat you consume.

5. Do not lay down right after eating. Walk around, help washing dishes or even just stand and talk to stay active for a while after the meal. 

You have more days to enjoy after the Thanksgiving till Monday. Overeating will probably make you feel sick and ruin your time of rest after the holiday.


Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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