Sunday, December 1, 2013

Visualize Your Way To Your Best Reality

Visualization is a powerful technique that can alter our thinking and thereby our reality. By now you may have experienced visualization techniques taught in classes or on DVDs at home. Taking a second look at visualization might be just what you need to add some passion and creativity to your life.

It is interesting to note that each person processes life on planet earth using different dominant senses, so it is no wonder that we are each “in our own little world!” Some people experience sound as a dominant sense while others may be more visually oriented. What is important to realize here is that regardless of the dominant sense, our brain is constantly processing our experience, and as we go about the day, we are creating responses and situations that are in alignment with our most powerful and present thoughts.

This is where developing skills of visualization can help us realize our dreams and goals. By “feeding” our brain thoughts that conjure up positive images and healthy emotional responses toward things we feel passionate about, we teach ourselves how it will feel to be in the imagined situation. In a sort of “practice until it’s perfect” sense, as we learn to visualize desired outcomes to situations and interactions, we create dominant thought patterns in a positive pattern that begins to affect all aspects of our relationships and our life.

So, how do we fine tune and fortify this skill? Let’s begin by answering the question: How do you see your truly fulfilled self?

Find Your Passion

What are you passionate about? Allow positive thoughts to bloom in your mind. Image what it feels like to experience that activity which you love. Fill yourself with the energy that surrounds an idea that is on purpose. Pay attention to what kindles the fires of your imagination and make journal notes as you discover hidden aspects of yourself.

Recall Your Pinnacle Moments

Recall past moments where you enjoyed a high point, or when you felt as though your experience truly fed your soul. Relive the moment in your mind and recall as much detail from your five senses as possible. Keeping detailed ‘movies’ of pinnacle experiences readily available in your memory helps your body and brain bathe in the euphoria and sense of well-being, success and achievement that is alive and present within the field of pure potential for each of us.

Carry the Feeling of the Experience Forward

Use your Pinnacle Moments as a touchstone or reference point against which desired experiences can be measured or evaluated. Next, create imagined moments where the energy is a match, or, even better, exceeds it! Remember, your brain does not know the difference between an imagined experience and an actual experience. Carry the feeling of the imagined experience forward as you dream and expand your potential. Feed your mind well and you will begin to see changes in yourself and your world - the sky’s the limit here!

by L.A. Trombetta


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