Friday, May 15, 2015

Restoring balance in life through energy healing workshop review

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“CGI has helped me dramatically in my recovery from Lyme Disease and Adrenal Fatigue.  It has been a powerful, transformative experience.  My energy level and quality of life have greatly improved.”

"We restlessly create stress through the power of our mental capabilities -- memories, thoughts, imagination -- even when no physical threat exists. Thus the light of our sympathetic nervous system is always turned on, ready to deal with crisis situations, and our parasympathetic nervous system continues to be suppressed. If this continues for long, our bodies don't have time to replenish energy, eliminate toxins, and repair damage. The explosive energy generated through the stress reaction turns inward, damaging cells, tissues, and organs."

This is an excerpt from The Solar Body, a book which guides us back to our natural healing ability. It is this return to healing that stands as the primary focus at CGI's most recent workshop series. On Wednesday, May 13th, Julie Cunningham, who holds her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Duke University, delivered an engaging lecture referencing the autonomic nervous system, and the way in which the sympathetic, or "fight or flight," response has become intensely, and unnecessarily, overactive. In order to restore homeostasis in our bodies, or return to a natural state of balance, we must not live in perpetual stress. The sympathetic nervous system is simply not designed to function over prolonged periods of time, and our parasympathetic nervous system was not meant to be suppressed. These two systems must function harmoniously.

Master Michelle Moon lead the workshop participants in a series of three exercises which activate the parasympathetic nervous system, for it is here where our bodies possess the incredible ability to restore balance. We have great hope for Solar Body practices to awaken the natural healing ability that is pivotal in order to release the patterns of stress that hold us back from living to our full potential!

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