Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Are your joints and bones healthy?


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Arthritis is one of the most common illnesses people suffer from in the US. Every year, more than three million people are diagnosed with arthritis.

-->A number of factors cause your joints and bones to become weak, such as injuries, inflammation, obesity, and even aging. While you are young and healthy, it is easy to forget to take good care of your joints and bones. Once a condition develops, it is much harder to re-strengthen the joints which have already begun to weaken. Here is the good news: there are some great ways to improve the strength of your joints and bones! The exercises are easy to follow and do not have a heavy impact on your knees and joints. This makes them ideal for those who are afraid of doing exercises due to weak knees. It is not too late to restore the health of your joints and bones!

Tap to Improve Circulation: To cool inflammation, the nemesis of fluid joints, keep your blood, lymph and synovial fluid (a natural lubricant) circulating. Improve your circulation and bone density with yoga and body tapping.
Put a Move On it: The leaner and stronger your muscles are, the stronger and more flexible your sinew, cartilage and connective tissue will be. One of the simplest, most low impact exercises for increasing bone strength and flexibility is walking meditation.
Stay Balanced: As we age, the number one leading cause of sprains, breaks or worse injuries is falling down. When our joints are weak or misaligned, it throws off our balance. One of the most effective exercises for both preventing bone loss and restoring balance and flexibility in your hips and the bones of the leg is Plate Balancing.
Chakra Sound Vibration: Sound can be effective in increasing bone density too. Sound waves gently massage your body and brain, helping improve circulation, mood and sleep cycles. Open the seven energy centers that run along your entire spine with a sound healing for chakras meditation.
Joint Self-Massage: Whenever you're feeling stiff or achy, take just a few minutes to give your joints a loving massage. Sit or stand in a quiet place and close your eyes. Put your right hand on your left shoulder. Feel connected to the shoulder and say, “Thank you. I love you,” with a deep sense of compassion and gratitude. Move to your elbow, wrist and hand with the same process. Switch to the right side and continue until you've sent warm, loving energy to every joint.
Warm Your Bones With Solar Power: When you're ready to go full tilt into a training program that includes bone healthy exercises and brings up your inner healer, try the Solar Body Method Special Edition online course. It feels good right down to your bones!

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