Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New CGI Kids Playroom!


Health > CGI Healthy Life By CGI Holistic Wellness Center

What happens when summer is coming, you want to be fit and healthy, but you need to take care of and watch your children?

Normally, the answer is to either find a babysitter, or to just stay home and watch exercise DVDs. Now, CGI is happy to offer a new solution: your children can stay within our Kids Only room!

Created to help you meet your health goals, while having your child close by, the CGi Kids Playroom features videos, books, games, and other fun activities for your child. While you get to focus on yourself, we will focus on entertaining your children.

The CGI Kids Playroom will be open from 9am~12pm and 3pm~7pm (Subject to change)

For more information, please contact us at 201-784-5575 for more details!

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