Monday, August 4, 2014

Morning Person

Did you ever try to be or want to be a morning person? 

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Many studies have found that waking up early is good for your health and it is not surprising to many of us. It is evident to me that even among my family members, relatives and friends, ones who get up early are healthier and look happier than the others. So why is it hard for someone to be a morning person? If you tried or wanted to be a morning person and are still not, take a look at the following suggestions that might help you become a morning person.

Sleep early: Our body needs certain amount of rest. Waking up early by cutting your bed time is not the way. If you go to sleep at 1AM and get up 8AM, first try to go to sleep at 12AM and then wake up at 7AM. If you find it hard to make this adjustment at once, first try to go to sleep and wake up earlier by 15 minutes.  Eventually try to sleep by 11PM and get up around 6 or 6:30AM.

Quality of Sleep:  your bed room should be dark, slightly cool and quiet. Do not watch TV or play video games right before sleep. These activities stimulate your brain and may disrupt your sleep. Reading, mild exercise/stretching, or drinking tea (Non-caffeine) might be good to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Define the purpose: What do you want to do in the morning?  If you don’t have certain things to accomplish in the morning, it is very easy to be tempted to hit the snooze button on your alarm. Some of good activities in the morning can be exercise, making breakfast, write, read or checking email.

Right Alarm clock: In most cases, this is what wakes you up. Your alarm clock should be loud and can be annoying enough to get you out of the bed. Put it far from your bed so you would have to walk to the clock to turn it off. 

Eat good breakfast: It is critical not only to become a morning person but also to be healthy in general. Your breakfast should have high protein, vitamins and fiber.  

Please be sure to sleep at least more than 6 hours but not more than 8 hours. While some say 8 hours of sleep is best for our body, others argue that 7 hours are enough and more realistic for working people. One of the articles I recently read about longevity of life says that most of people who live long life sleep at least 6 hours a day.  If you don’t get this much sleep, then try to change your evening schedule to give yourself little more time of rest but if you do, focus on the quality of your sleep.  

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