Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Healing Stones (Crystals)

This stone is known to increase your concentration and used for meditation stone. It also helps energize your body.

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Does a stone really have any healing property? It is very hard to believe that a stone can cure illnesses and improve one’s health. While some are still skeptical about the healing properties of stones, there are many who claim that stone therapies improved their health or even heal their health conditions. If you even consider trying stone healing but do not know which stone to get, take a look at the following stones with their healing properties.

Rose Quartz: Heart Healing Property. It is known to heal emotional issues and promote self love and forgiveness. 

Fluorite: This stone is known to increase your concentration and used for meditation stone. It also helps energize your body.

Lapis:  This stone is known to protect you from psychic attacks, stress and bring peace. It also helps you increase self- awareness and strengthen your emotional health. It is used to treat those with high blood pressure or problems in the thyroid and vocal chords.

Jade: It is known to be a cleansing tone as it enhances the body’s filtration abilities. It is used to treat the kidneys and spleen. It is also called ‘Dream Stone’ as some believe it brings insightful dreams.

Amethyst: It is great to release stress and balance your emotional body. It heals those who are overwhelmed and overworked and eases anxieties. For physical healing properties, amethyst is known to boost the production of hormones increasing metabolism and physical performance.

Turquoise:  It is a purification stone releasing negative energy in your body and stabilizing your emotion. It is great to treat depression and exhaustion. It is also known to boost your immune system and to alleviate pain.

Citrine: It expels anger and negative feelings from your mind. It helps you have positive optimistic mindset and feel sense of happiness for which it is called a joyful stone. This stone is also known to enhance your stamina and promote metabolism letting you feel energized.

I hope this help you to pick one as your first healing crystal. If you have come across other stones with excellent healing properties, please share with us here. 

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