Friday, February 21, 2014

Curing Fibromyalgia (Testimonial)

In May of 2007 I had fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, and working through a nervous breakdown. I was pretty much a mess.

When I came here the first time I could barely walk. It was very difficult for me to sit and then to get up, I had to have help. The pain level was a 10+, even on all the pain medication; I was on anti-depressants, I was on three different medications to sleep. I was on anxiety medication. And all that did was just take the top layer off. It didn’t really do anything for me.

In August of 2009 my doctor said, ‘There’s no reason for you to come back. You don’t have fibromyalgia anymore and it is because of the Dahn Yoga.’ And he wrote that in his note. I am not on any medication at all. The last one to go was the anti-depressant. Took me a year and a half to wean myself off. I am healthier now than I have been in my whole life.

By Jerrie Gathe

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