Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking a Bath. Chandler likes it!

Since the winter is right around the corner, some of you might want to know about bathing. I actually looked up the definition of bath and it said “act of immersing and washing one’s body in a large container of water”.  Hmmm... Is bathing all about personal hygiene? Not exactly! it has more to offer to you.

Bathing is perhaps the best way to relax your body. After a long day at work, your body is stressed and tensed.  You might even feel sore muscles. From now till tomorrow morning is your time to recharge your body to get through another long day. So it is important for you to know how to effectively and properly relax your body. Try to take a bath! You will feel different after it. Soaking the body in a hot tub helps repair sore and tensed muscles and also gives sensual delight, which relives your stress.  This also conditions your physical and mental status perfect to fall into a deep sleep which is the most important part of this recharging process.

I remember watching an episode of Friends where Chandler first refused to listen to Monica who told him to take a bath but once he did, he loved it so much and always took the tub first after work so Monica could not take her bath.

I am very positive that you will be like Chandler once you take your first one.,,lol

I will also post different types of baths next time. Stay tuned!

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