Friday, November 1, 2013

Sauna: Is there any health benefit?

As the weather gets cold, you may think of going into a sauna room.

When I was young, my dad used take me to a public bath place (like a spa place in America) and always brought me into a sauna room. I always wondered why people do sauna because it was a torture to just sit in the room where I can’t even comfortably breathe.  When I grew old enough to go to one of those bath places alone, that scary room has become my favorite place. Being in a sauna for about 10~15 mins always makes me feel relaxed and refreshed. It almost feels like my entire body has taken a deep breath as I come out of the sauna room. I found that part of the reason why a person may feel this way is because sauna seems to help reduce muscle tension and pain.

Many say that sauna also help prevent you from getting sick, relieve the symptoms of common cold and rejuvenate your skin and muscle. Also people always feel refreshed because they pour out their sweat while in a sauna room.  But I think the most important part of the sauna is that it reduces stress, which is the cause of every health issue. 

While sauna is safe and good for you, there are some things you need to be cautious.

1. Don’t eat or drink alcohol before the sauna
2. Don’t stay too long (over 20 mins)
3. Don’t use the sauna if you are ill
4. Don’t use the sauna if you have any heart disease
5. If you can’t breathe or feel dizzy, leave the sauna

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