Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Do You Have Happy Feet?

Feet are the lowest parts of the body. They connect a body to the earth. They certainly have a important role, yet people do not pay much attention to them, but I recently found out that I need to check how they feel and that keeping ‘happy feet’ is very important for the health of the rest of body.

A friend of mine complained about a discomfort in his right foot for a while.  Many of his friends including myself told him to see a doctor, yet he delayed to treat the problem. It was because the pain wasn’t that severe and also just like everyone else he was always too busy to see a doctor for a foot problem.

He recently had a surgery in his lower back and has to do another one after recovering from the surgery. He went to see a doctor for a pain in his lower back and found that he needed few surgeries in his back and later his right foot and that his back pain was due to neglecting to treat the pain in his right foot.

Feet bear our body weight almost all day long. They deserve some special treatments and people should pay close attention to how they feel. As more people become active exercising and playing sports, the number of people who come to see a podiatrist is increasing. Doctors say many serious health issues are linked to our feet and many of them are correctable if addressed as early as when the patient notices a symptom in his feet. 

In the Eastern medicine, it is believed that each part of the feet are also linked to each organ in the body and that there are a ton of acupressure points in the feet. So if you go to see an acupuncturist, you will likely get some needles in your feet and he/she may even recommend you to get foot reflexology massage to get optimal result of the treatment. 

Now more people are aware of the importance of taking good care of their feet and I now see a lot of podiatrist’s offices and event those foot reflexology places. It’s just sad to see my friend still limping and waiting for his next surgery.   

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