Sunday, October 6, 2013

Benefits of Massage

Many have probably heard that massage helps relieve muscle pain, boost energy and strengthen immune system or at least that it helps those who suffer from lower back pain or neck pain. 

As many studies being conducted to see the effect of massage therapy, many interesting results are being reported. While scientific evidence on this therapeutic approach is not limited, many case researches show those who received massage therapy have improved their health. Particularly massage therapy is believed to relieve back pain more effectively than other medical treatments. But the interesting part you might not know about is that massage therapy may help those who suffer from illnesses that are hard to be treated even with conventional medicine. These include Autism, Atopic dermatitis, ADHD, Cystic fibrosis, Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis. As many health issues stem from mental health and stress, the good feeling you experience during a massage session will probably give you more than just good feeling. 

There are a ton of articles and reviews about benefits of massage therapy. You can find them online and see what others who suffer from a similar type of health issue you may have say about their massage therapy experience, how it helped them or didn’t help and so on. I suggest to do some research to see which therapy might be the most effective to treat your health condition before you decide to receive any of those alternative treatments. Good thing about massage is that it also is relatively less expensive than other therapeutic methods. So if you have tried other treatment for your condition and didn’t see many results, you may want to consider massage therapy. Please note that many health care providers and experts say massage therapy should not replace scientific medical treatment as there are limited scientific evidences on its effect.  

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