Friday, September 13, 2013

The effect of Brain Education Spreading

The effect of Brain Education (BE) is quickly spreading. After witnessing the remarkable change in Joaquin Rodezno in El Salvador, Gloria Muller, Principal of the school, delivered a speech of her testimony to the audience at the Conference on Youth Mental Health in Seoul on August 18 2013. Government officials, educators and many others who gathered at the event were able to hear her vivid testimony about how the school once known for poor academic achievement and violence of its students was transformed to the No.1 ranked in the students’ scholastic achievement. Now, in El Salvador, the Brain Education program is being introduced and practiced nationwide. Gloria received a special recognition at the event and was also appointed as an ambassador of IBREA.

Also, recently, The Government of Sierra Leone has invited IBREA to introduce Brain Education to the schools in the country. This happened because of the results of BE project in Liberia. (If possible, I will share the detail of this project later) The result of the project was presented in the United Nation and the officials from Sierra Leone decided to implement this program for their students. As these positive results are being reported from various places, it is expected that more people, schools and countries will participate in Brain Education in the near future.             

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