Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waking up to smell the roses

by Kristen Sommer

Have you ever woken up before the sun rises?

Normally I don’t. I sleep in as late as I can, then I start my day by diving in to the work that I love.

Today I had the chance to wake up before the sun rose. At first my initial thought was, “Who would ever get up willingly at this ungodly hour?!” Not even five minutes in, I noticed changes in my body. It was easier to move. I had less creaks and cracks. My eyes were even open wide and I had as much energy as I normally do during my personal peak ‘awake’ time.

How amazing is the body to adapt so swiftly to a different situation!?

As I stepped outside, I noticed that the air was more crisp and fresh. Though it was cold, I took a few moments to just stop and ‘smell the roses.’ The air was clean, and I felt as if my whole body was waking up with the rising of the sun and the blossoming of nature.  Such a small moment was enough to inspire me for the rest of the morning, and it actually helped me to get through a few new routines that I had planned out.

When we take but a few moments to do something new or different, something in our brain wakes up and comes alive - lending a new, refreshing outlook to the day.

Won’t you smell the roses with me in the morning, for at least one day a month?

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