Monday, October 29, 2012

Burning Incense - use common sense

by Craig Ruvere
There’s long been a debate amongst the medical community as to the harmful effects of burning incense and its link to cancer and other diseases.
The article below represents one of the best arguments this writer has seen for taking precautions. But it highlights something that I feel is simply common sense: prolonged exposure to any kind of smoke, be it from incense or cigarettes, is most certainly harmful to your health.
Are you burning incense in a confined space, without proper ventilation, and then breathing in smoke for hours on end? I’d have to assume that any logical person would surmise that this isn’t the freshest, cleanest air you could be breathing.
I understand that in today’s world we are all made to feel afraid of the harmful effects of something – the foods we eat, medications we take, the air we breathe.
Dozens of scientific studies often contradict each other, which leaves the average consumer scratching their head as to what is and what isn’t a dangerous consumption.
But two things come to mind.
1.      Everything in moderation
2.      Use common sense when it comes to heeding warnings
Society has come to adopt a lifestyle of processed foods and pollution – convincing themselves that somehow they aren’t to blame for the illnesses many of us face.
As I said in #2, use your head when it comes to the warnings. However, I’m not sure anyone could argue that breathing in smoke for any extended period of time is good for your health.

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