Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I stopped weighing myself

by Louise Jensen
The other night I met a friend for dinner, who commented on how well I looked. There was a period in time when those words would have automatically translated into, “Louise you look fat”.
But for the first time in my life, if I can be totally honest, I have absolutely no idea what I weigh.
When I was younger, that “weighing yourself once a week in the same conditions” scenario would never have satisfied my curiosity. I was on and off the scale so often that I’m sure it sighed when I approached.
Ridiculously the magic figure would then govern my entire day from what I wore, to what I ate, and particularly, my mood.
It’s only been since my health circumstances changed so drastically that I’ve seen what a beautiful gift the human body is. If I have a day I feel strong enough to stand and cook a nutritious meal for my family without too much pain, I am grateful for my extraordinary skeleton. I am thankful for all I can do, none of which is dependent on my dress size or the figure on the scale.
Aside from the physical, when I got ill I realized the human body is just a place we inhabit in this lifetime. It doesn’t actually define who we are. I call the body the ‘little me’. Me, the actual ‘big me’, is something beautifully whole, intangible and perfect.
Unless your weight is affecting your health, whether you’re too light or too heavy, it is really not important whether you gain or lose a few pounds. Practice gratitude daily for all the incredible things your body does and self-love will naturally follow.
I am amazing. But you know what? So are you.
Louise Jensen is an award winning holistic therapist. A regular writer, Louise has overcome living with a disability and has 12 years of experience helping others to heal. Louise recently co-created The Happy Starfish, an online community dedicated to celebrating health, happiness and peaceful living.

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