Monday, May 7, 2012

TEEN BOS Brain Operating System-Meditation for Teenage

Teenage BOS-(Brain Operating System)- Classes Starting Soon!
Increase your confidence & concentration level.  Create the life you want.

BOS (Brain Operating System) Meditation for Teenagers

More than ever before teenagers are bombarded with stresses, pressures, and influences unthinkable to past generations.   Teen stress and anxiety is on the rise! Teenagers today need support to help them manage that stress, and develop positive and healthy habits which can support their successful navigation through this critical time in their lives.  Rather than turning to unhealthy outlets for frustrated emotions or a sense of meaning, wouldn't it be great if your child could calm his/her mind, and look within to discover a course of action in alignment with his/her greatest potential, dreams, and well-being?

BOS Meditation for Teenagers is a program meant to teach children how to utilize their infinite potential in ways that are healthy, positive, and constructive for their physical and emotional well-being, and their overall life's success.  If children learn these tools at this stage of their life, they can put themselves on track for greater academic achievement and success in a life of genuine happiness.  If they miss this opportunity, they can make harmful choices that can impact the rest of their lives or develop habits that can create life situations that lack true happiness and meaning.

The teenage brain can be compared to a computer system.  You have acquired certain thoughts, judgments, and habits in your body which formulate your character, and you store, process, and utilize this information according to your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world.  This "operating system" formulates your reality, and is the cause of health or disease, happiness or depression, and peacefulness or discontent.  BOS (Brain Operating System) Meditation is a thoroughly deep, special training course designed to help you "re-format" and "delete" unwanted information, upgrade the operating system of your brain, and allow you to have the confidence and ability to create the life you truly want to by utilizing the key principles of health, success, and serenity.

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