Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Guide to Massage Services – Part 2

Welcome to the second blog in our series about the various spa services offered at CGI. In our first entry, we looked at three common massage techniques. In this entry we’ll describe some more exotic selections that we’re seeing more and more people take to. We know you’ll be hooked if you give any of these a try!

Hot Stone

During a Hot Stone massage, the therapist puts warm stones on targeted areas of the body. These targeted areas could be the back, hands, or selected acupressure points. Some of the stones may be used as massage tools, and others will be left alone to heat the targeted areas. Usually, a therapist uses smooth Basalt stones covered in oil to deliver a variety of massaging strokes. Hot Stone massages often include other types of massage treatments, and most patients find Hot Stone treatment to be relaxing; when done right, the stones penetrate heat deep inside the body, releasing tension and generating a uniquely soothing experience.


The Japanese word shiatsu translates to “finger pressure.” It’s an apt description of shiatsu massage, during which the therapist utilizes a variety of rhythmic pressure on selected points on the body. These points, called “acupressure points,” are central to the body’s ability to maintain a positive flow of energy, or chi. Shiatsu, by honing in on the acupressure points, attempts to remove blockages at these points and restore the body’s vital energy to its natural state.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi is a holistic tradition in Hawaii that is a quintessential mind and body experience. Therapists performing lomi lomi must be spiritually present and channel the tradition of the master healers of Hawaii when using this technique. Therapists use palms, forearms, fingers, elbows, knuckles, knees, feet, and occasionally outside objects such as sticks and stones to administer lomi lomi, a form of deep tissue massage.

Lomi lomi seeks to remove blockages in energy flow and give the energy a new direction. These blockages can be the result of physical ailment such as muscle tension or joint pain, or a mental, emotional, or spiritual energy block as well. Through a healing prayer, a variety of massage techniques, and rotations of the joints, lomi lomi relieves stress and tension, increases blood flow, and stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body.

If feeling great and removing yourself from your daily routine is your motivation for heading out to our spa, look no further than our Hot Stone, Shiatsu, or Lomi Lomi Treatments. Each uses your natural flow of energy to generate a truly remarkable healing experience. Keep a look out for our next entry, where we discuss a few add-on services that will help maximize your spa experience at CGI.

For more details about our facilities and full range of Massage Services, visit our Spa Amenities and Spa Services pages.

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  1. Nice tips. Massaging & exercise is really very good & reduces pains, stiffness of joints & muscles. Thanks for this sharing.