Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Guide to Massage Services – Part 3

Welcome to the third blog in our series about the various spa services offered at CGI. In our first entry, we looked at three common massage techniques; in the second we explained some of our more unique offerings. In this entry we’ll shed light on three add-on spa treatments that can take your day at CGI to another level of relaxation and healing.  

Body Scrub

An easy way to conceptualize a body scrub is to think of it as a facial for the entire body. Its purpose is to exfoliate and hydrate, the end result being smoother and softer skin that leaves patients feeling clean and refreshed. It can be paired with any number of our other services to add another element to your day.

A body scrub uses an abrasive material (often a salt scrub) mixed with massage oil and an aromatic. The therapist gently applies the mixture all over your body, first to your back and then to your front side. Some find the salts and exfoliants to be a little abrasive, so it is important to communicate with your therapist if the treatment isn’t agreeing with your skin and to let them know what is working for you. At the end of the session, patients wash off the exfoliants thoroughly before the therapist applies lotion to the treated areas, leaving the patient with completely rejuvenated skin.

Brazillian Toe Technique

The Brazillian Toe Technique uses acupressure points on the toes to promote deep relaxation and stimulates the release of toxins. This holistic healing practice complements any one of our massages, but patients connecting with our mind body therapies such as Lomi Lomi or Shiatsu will find this to be a must-add service. Brazilian Toe Technique is a simple method that seeks to reduce stress and imbalances throughout the body, not just the feet!

There are six energy meridians that connect to the organs in the body, and all of them end in the toes; therapists using this technique are able to tap into the energy flow of the entire body. Patients will find that Brazilian Toe Technique relieves overall pain and achiness, restless leg syndrome, nausea, and insomnia. It’s a fantastic way to relax and release the stresses of your day to day life while enjoying your day at the CGI spa.


A mind body alternative to the Brazilian Toe Technique, Reiki is a Japanese practice known for reducing stress, relaxation, and healing. Instead of channeling energy through the meridian points in the toes, therapists practice Reiki by a “laying on hands.” Through the therapist’s palms, universal energy is transferred to the patient, a process that allows healing and equilibrium to be attained. Reiki relies on the principle that there’s a “life force energy” that flows through us and increasing this energy level through Reiki will yield happiness and health.

Through using a set of hand positions throughout the body, the therapist is able to increase energy where the patient needs it most. Patients can expect to experience warmth or tingling in the treated areas, in addition to an overall sense of improved well-being and a state of relaxation. Reiki is a therapeutic add-on for a comprehensive mind body experience at the spa, and one that has many of patients coming back for more.

These add-on services leave our members satisfied, refreshed and relaxed. Whether it’s treating your skin to a Body Wrap or supplementing a Swedish Massage by energizing your mind and body with a Reiki session, these services add another dimension to your day at CGI. Please contact us with any questions regarding any of our services and for suggestions on how to get the most out of your spa treatments at CGI.

For more details about our facilities and full range of Massage Services, visit our Spa Amenities and Spa Services pages.

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