Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Health benefits of tea

CGI Holistic Wellness Center launch a special line of healthy, holistic tea blends

Tea is a fall staple. Made up of leaves, branches roots, and/or flowers, tea is best known for its enhancing properties. 

Health & CGI Healthy Life By CGI Holistic Wellness Center

Fall is in full swing! Leaves are changing colors, the air is cooling down, and the general feeling of wanting to curl up and sip tea is pulling the thoughts of many. CGI also feels this pull to have something warm, steamy, and healthy to drink!

Tea is a fall staple. Made up of leaves, branches roots, and/or flowers, tea is best known for its enhancing properties.

Health benefits of Tea

- Rich in vitamins & minerals
- High in antioxidants (helps prevent cancer)
- Speeds up metabolism 
- Cleanses blood
- Strengthens blood vessels
- Increases alertness
- Improves concentration
- Relieves fatigue
- Calms nerves

Mulberry Leaf Tisane 
Mellow notes of toasted grains with a hint of roasted sweetness.

- Gaba helps lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels
- Rutin strengthens capillary vessels
- Helps control blood sugar level
- Helps prevent: cerebral apoplexy, hypertension & arteriosclerosis 

Lotus Leaf Tisane 
Buttery smooth notes are elegantly balanced with earthy tones.

- Cleanses blood and removes toxins (including nicotine)
- Relieves hangover symptoms & helps eliminate bad breath
- Bathing in infusion helps exfoliate, and soothe rashes and skin irritations (use tea bag for easy clean-up)

Persimmon Leaf Tisane 
Sweet at first, rounds out nicely with a whisper of spiciness & clean finish.

- Vitamin A & C helps prevent colds & strengthens immune system
- Speeds up metabolism
- Eliminates water retention to help decrease bloating
- Helps lower high blood pressure & prevents arteriosclerosis

Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane 
Sunny, crisp & clean with a delicate hint of mint.

- B carotene postpones aging process & detoxifies liver
- Relieves shortness of breath & calms nerves
- Relieves & sharpens strained eyes
- Relieves headache & dizziness, clearing the mind 

Brown Rice Green Tea 
Toasty sweetness of roasted brown rice.

- Helps prevent aging, hair loss & dermatitis
- Beneficial for digestion (lowers acid levels)
- Rids body of poison (heavy metals) from food
- Aids with memory & prevents mental disorder 

Join us as we launch a special line of healthy, holistic tea blends, all meant to boost the immune system, aid in digestion, and soothe your insides overall.

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