Friday, May 16, 2014

Holistic approach to healing helps overcome Lyme

“It was probably the most powerful experience I think I’ve ever had.”

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- Julie Cunningham, Ph.D
While suffering from symptoms of Lyme disease, Julie Cunningham began her journey of personal healing. After trying conventional methods of treatment with limited success, she began to experiment in homeopathic medicine, which ultimately led her to CGI Holistic Fitness and Spa in Closter.

After just one session of energy healing, Cunningham says she could already notice a difference. It was at CGI where her healing journey found its course. Today, she continues classes and is even working towards becoming a healer herself.

“It was amazing,” Cunningham says of the first class. “It was probably the most powerful experience I think I’ve ever had.” “It was incredibly healing and I think I didn’t realize what some of the problems I had were until after having that session.”

Those problems, including low-energy and equilibrium issues, have been greatly alleviated, all thanks to her energy healing sessions.
“I think when I found [CGI], I realized there was more to this journey than I had realized and it wasn’t just about killing Lyme bacteria in my body; It was also about healing my body from just its past experiences and healing my energy condition,” she says.
“Obviously it feels good to have made this much progress and see the change it has on my family.”

Cunningham continues her energy healing classes today and has added daily yoga programs to her regiment and is participating in a more intensive Tao Training program that the spa offers.
With a background in psychology, Cunningham is training to become a healer herself, to help people in a way she didn’t realize was possible before.
“ I think helping people is always something I have been interested in doing,” she says.
“ There’s more to healing people and healing than just on a cognitive and emotional level.”
CGI Holistic Fitness and Spa opened in 1998, with the Philosophy of Chun Gi In, which, according to their website, means, “Heaven and Earth is within human.”
Its mission is to promote mental and physical wellness through various holistic training methods and treatments.

Their facility is located at 111 Homans Ave., Closter.

For more information, to take a gallery tour, or learn about classes, visit or call (201) 784-5575 with questions or to make a reservation.

- Northern Valley Press on May 12, 2014

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