Friday, April 11, 2014

Seasonal Allergy

Do you have allergies? 

What causes allergies? And why you?

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The spring has finally arrived! It is perfect weather for out door activities. But you may be worried. As much as you like to enjoy the beautiful weather, you are afraid of seasonal allergies that come around this time of the year. Do you already see people sneezing and blowing their nose?

The substances that are known to causes allergies are called allergens. But actually what really causes allergies is your body. Most of allergens are harmless but for some reason your body mistakenly recognize them as a threat and try to attack them. This is allergic reaction.

Most common seasonal allergen is pollen. There are so many different kinds of pollens. Maple, Juniper, Poplar, Oak and ect.. You are probably not allergic to all of these tree pollens but to a specific one. Check what are the predominant pollens in your geographical location and find what pollen you are allergic to. You may also see an allergy specialist to take a test to find what substances you have allergic reaction to. By simply avoiding this trigger, taking medication, or even getting an allergy shot, you will be able to get through this allergy season with ease. 

There are few things you can to do in order to avoid the pollens.

1. Stay indoors on windy days or when pollen count is high.
2. Leave your shoes outside of the house.
3. Install air fillers that catch most of pollens and dust mites
4. Clean your nasal passage. (e.g netipot)
5. Wash your bed cover, sheets and pillowcase regularly

Although the reason of developing an allergy is uncertain, one is more likely to develop it if the immune system is weak. While trying to avoid the pollens, always strengthen your immune system for a healthy life.  Some people also said they were able to alleviate their allergy symptoms through consistent exercise, meditation and breathing trainings. Find what works best for you and beat the allergy!

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful weather. 

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