Friday, March 14, 2014

Healing Low Back Pain

It is very common to hear someone complaining about back pain. As more people work in an office sitting at their desks most of their time and have less time to exercise, low back pain has been one of the most common health issues in the United States. The number of people who experience this health condition does not seem to shrink but is expected to increase.

Do you have any kind of back pain? If you do, you should know that there are mental risk factors as many as physical factors. They are anxiety, depression, stress and so on. While seeking treatment for back pain, incorporating treatment to decrease the level of anxiety, depression and stress might maximize the healing impact on the back pain. As the eastern holistic medical approach is becoming more popular especially in treating back and neck pain, some medical doctors recommend their patients to add this alternative medical treatment such as acupuncture or massage therapy to their original treatment plans.    

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