Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Workout

Now we are in the middle of winter season. When the weather is cold and day is short, it is hard to get out of the bed and to go outside to exercise. Many studies show that average activity level of people is much lower in winter than it is in spring and summer.  This is critical moment of the year especially for those on a diet plan. While exercising less, many holidays for family dinner and party do not help you to eat less and work out. If you have been working out for the past summer but now found yourself cuddling your pillow and comforter instead of exercising, you need to break that routine as soon as possible. If that goes on, all your labor and sweats you shed for the better during the year will eventually becomes nothing and you will be right back to where you were. Then, what should you do when the cold weather is continuously sapping your motivation to work out?

Well, who says you have to go out or hit the health club to work out? Thanks to the technology! Now there are so many sources you can utilize to work out at home. Check out all the home fitness options. DVDs, Youtube videos and even video games.  There are many different types of exercises and levels of intensity so, choose one you feel most comfortable with. Now get an exercise mat for your living room and you are good to go! Yoga or Tai Chi is usually good for home fitness and for all age groups.
Also, there is good news. Online yoga class will be soon available. This is ideals for those who have a busy schedule and were not able to go to a gym on a regular basis. This will be available in March 2014.

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