Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little Tea Time

Living in Northeast of the U.S, we are used to live in a fast pace environment. Everyone here seems to be always in a rush to do something. In our modern business world, what is valued more than anything is time. Time is money! To make more money, people pursue to be more effective and efficient to get more work done in less time. Quick or no breakfast, getting to work, quickly reading all the email sent last night, replying email, meetings, quick and simple lunch, processing paper works, following up with appointments, working under pressure and face pace environment. If not all, some of these I am pretty sure are part of your daily life. While we are sort of being driven by this kind of world that we have created for more profit, I wander what is the trade off?

Constantly working in this kind of condition, many people are very stressed and seem to easily lose their patience. This is definitely not good for mental and physical health. If you feel that you are so stressed and become edgy often, you might want to give yourself a little break whenever you feel that way. I see now that many are interested in meditation and exercise like yoga to strengthen their mental health as well as physical health. Great! They finally have found a time in their life to brace the mental health and release the stress piled from their work or just daily life.

But what if you don’t even have time for this? Then why don’t you at least take ten minutes a day for a cup of tea? This is not only to take a few minutes break from your work but also actually help you feel calm and less stress. That’s not all! Many studies show that tea actually contains many natural chemicals that help prevent certain cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. Isn’t this great?   

Having been in a stressful and fast environment all the time, you may already feel that you are damaging your health, being less patient and getting nervous or easily aggravated. Try something to stop this and give yourself a little break! I am sure you will be able to find at least ten minutes a day for a cup of tea.

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