Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Massage! It feels good! But What else?

What benefits does a massage bring besides making us feel good and relaxed? Many know that a massage relaxes our highly stressed body and brings a good feeling but not many know what kind of health benefit it really has. I would like to share some interesting points about massage therapy I came to know by reading related articles and through personal experience.

You may already know that most illnesses people suffer from are actually stress related. Therefore, removing stress or relieving the intensity of stress stored in our body does bring positive results in our physical health. As massage helps us completely relax and forget our worries and relieves our anxiety, it activates our natural healing mechanism and starts to bring positive effects. Then what are the common benefits of massage? First, it improves blood circulation and joint flexibility. The benefit is huge. Blood circulation itself has a lot of positive effects on our body because the blood carries all the substances that our body uses to repair itself and delivers them to each place in the body that needs to be repaired. Therefore, the better the blood circulates in the body, the faster the body heals. Another benefit is that it softens muscles that are stiff and overly used causing the release of endorphins, which you know is a natural painkiller to alleviate pain. Frequently I suffered from a stiff neck. When this happens, I cannot move my neck and shoulder. I go to see my friend who is a massage therapist. As he starts to massage my neck and shoulder, I can begin to move my neck around and the pain slowly but surely fades away.

Now the interesting point is that a massage can be more powerful in preventing you from getting ill than directly treating the illness. There are some studies that show having a massage therapy on a regular basis can greatly improve overall health conditions and boosts your immune system to prevent you from getting ill. Many people are constantly dealing with stress from their work, school or even home, relaxing our body to reduce the intensity of stress can definitely help improve our health overall and massage therapy may be the best choice we can make.

So if you often feel fatigue, muscle, neck, or lower back pain and have not received any massage therapy, you might want to give it a try!

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