Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Acupressure? What is it?

You may heard of acupressure massage. It is one of the most popular massage techniques but what is exactly acupressure?

It is an ancient healing method. This mostly uses our fingers to press some points on our body to promote the body's self-healing mechanism. It shares the same points as acupuncture. When these points get stimulated, they open up the blockage in the passage along which the body energy flows, release muscular tension and promote the blood circulation.

While acupuncture uses needles and nowadays, even electricity to stimulate those trigger points, acupressure utilize our hand to give firm but gentle pressure to those points. Acupuncture, since it directly inserts a needle to stimulate the point, is believed to be more effective in treating certain conditions. However, acupressure is still a good choice for those who don't want any needle in their body or seek a safer treatment. The great thing about acupressure is that you can do on yourself. If you research, you will find many of those acupressure points that you can press using your own fingers. I will also share some of those points in the following post.

Then, what are the kinds of health conditions that can be improved when treated with acupressure?

1. Allergies
2. Ankle and foot problems
3. Constipation
4. Cramps and spasms
5. Migraines
6. Isomnia
7. Knee pain
8. Neck Tension and Pain
9. Indigestion/Heartburn
10. Sinus/HayFever
11. Wrist Pain

also, it is effective in treading emotional health conditions such as
1. Depression
2. Frustration
3. Memory/Concentration

There are many other health benefits you can get by doing acupressure on yourself. But if you want to completely relax and get acupressure healing, going to see your massage therapist to get acupressure massage is also a great way. Especially, you feel your body deserve it.

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