Friday, December 7, 2012

The Benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu

by Craig Ruvere

Today Shaolin Kung Fu has become a popular martial arts practice for both children and adults alike – especially for kids who became infatuated with it after the popular Kung Fu Panda series of movies and cartoons was released.

But did you know that Kung Fu combines more than 900 forms of northern and southern fighting techniques into one comprehensive system? That’s an astounding number no matter how you look at it – showing the level of detail encompassed in such a regiment.

It’s this vast grouping of forms and techniques which provides those who practice this ancient tradition with a constant stream of benefits, both mentally and physically.

Strength Training

This is probably the first benefit many people will notice after training for a short time, as our basic muscles are used in the fighting postures and forms: legs, arms, core. In addition to building strength, you will also notice increased flexibility. The frequent punches, kicks and hip pivoting motions for fighting an opponent, effectively stretch out your entire body. Practiced somewhat regularly, you’ll find your overall flexibility has greatly increased.

With many of us holding occupations which frequently tie us to our desks for hours at a time, such a martial arts routine is a great way to give your body the movement it craves and requires.

Discipline and Self-Confidence

If you fully dedicate yourself to regular Kung Fu training, you’ll begin to notice how your discipline and self-confidence will positively change in many other areas of your personal and professional life. These emotional and mental changes can help you as you journey towards a life of fulfillment, success and love.

Kung Fu classes are offered just about everywhere – all no doubt trying to take advantage of Kung Fu Panda’s popularity with the younger generation. But not all training facilities are highly qualified or knowledgeable in the revered art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Do a little research before committing to any program, so that you’ll gain the most comprehensive training for your dollar.

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