Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The body feels the world energetically

by Olga Ivashkov

I will never forget the day when I started to understand my place in the world.
I discovered that my body had access to information beyond what the mind can fully understand.
The body feels the world energetically. The body feels and the mind thinks; these are two different ways of obtaining information. When we rely only on the mind and our logic, we close ourselves off to a huge source of information. We become partial selves and cannot fully feel what we should be doing in life.
You could call this too much thinking and not enough feeling.
Actually our body can feel and process information many times faster than the mind. We, as human beings, are multi-dimensional with a conscious mind, a subconscious, a soul and a BODY and this body is capable of guiding us in all areas of our life - if we tune into it.
Trust and act upon what your deep feelings are telling you, and you will be led in extraordinary directions.

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