Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Hexagonal Water-The Ultimate Solution 

"Discover why drinking the liquid crystal known as hexagonal water can provide superior hydration, enhanced nutrient absorption, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency, and improved cellular communication."
~MJ Pangman, M.S.



The quality that gives water its “life” and energy is its structure- the specific hexagonal ordering of molecules forming a coherent matrix capable of faster intracellular movement and more rapid information exchange.  Discover how drinking hexagonal water can influence your health!

“… all water is not created equal and it is the structure of water within our bodies that ultimately
determines health or sickness.”
- Dr. Mu Shik Jhon - Author of  "The Water Puzzle and the Hexogonal Key" and former director of
   research at the Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, KAIST


Water is the single most important nutrient after oxygen. Consuming the best water is as important as breathing fresh air and consuming the best organic foods.  But can the kind of water you drink make a significant difference in your health?And what kind of water is the best water?

Nature has the answers.

Everywhere in the universe, nature uses movement (vortices and spirals) to gather energy and to organize matter.  (Think of spiraling galaxies, spinning planets, and electrons circulating around the nucleus of an atom.) Spiral movement combined with other natural forces causes the molecules in water to become highly organized. They form a liquid crystal. Many scientists believe that maintaining the liquid crystalline properties of water within our bodies supports vibrant life and longevity.
During water’s journey, nature also supplies magnetic fields from the Earth and far infrared energy from the Sun. These forces stabilize water’s liquid crystalline properties. Nature also supplies oxygen and minerals as water splashes over rocks during her voyage. These provide the full complement of ingredients for healthy, living water—water that is capable sustaining vibrant life.

The Duet emulates Nature

Now you can compose your own water symphony using the same natural forces used by Mother Nature. The Duet Water Revitalizer returns water to its living, liquid crystalline state with high levels of oxygen and vital energy.
     1.   Vortex Energy creates a liquid crystal
     2.   Magnetic Fields support water’s crystalline structure
     3.   Far-Infrared wavelengths add life-supporting energy
     4.   Mineral Basket adds bio-available minerals and slight alkalinity

The Duet can make a difference for you!

Water plays a key role in life, health and vitality. On a cellular level, water is the means of getting nutrients into your cells.It is the means of removing toxins and metabolic wastes. Water is also the conductor which carries brain signals and nerve impulses throughout your body. Water’s crystalline structure is critical to performing these tasks. Drinking water made in the Duet enhances your body’s ability to maintain balance. It augments any nutritional program and any form of health maintenance. Put the “life” back in your water and the zest back in your life with this elegant, simple-to-use water system.

Simple to use 

  1. The Duet is similar to a blender. Plug it in, turn it on, choose a time setting and watch a beautiful vortex transform your drinking water into liquid crystalline water within minutes!  
  2. Three time settings allow you to energize your water to a personal level of preference.  
  3. The Duet changes any good drinking water* into revitalized, living water in your own home. Use it in food preparation (wonderful for mixing with soups and juices). Add vital energy to everything you make.
  4. For plants and animals too. All biological organisms prefer water made in the Duet. 

*The Duet is not intended as a water purifier. Although it will reduce the amount of chlorine and fluoride in municipal water(as the water spins), it is not intended as a water purifier. Use the best water you have in the Duet—filtered, distilled, RO,bottled, spring, or other purified source.

“We absolutely love the new Duet Water Revitalizer!  It is the simplest way to add basic molecular structure to water. Your body will feel the difference!”
— MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans, authors of  Dancing with Water.

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