Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There are over 15 million people in the US that practice yoga. But if you were to get all of those 15 million plus people in the same yoga studio, you’d quickly discover the wide variety that exists in today’s ever expanding yoga community. From BikramYoga to Cardiac Yoga to Laughing Yoga, there’s no shortage of yoga schools and their students as you canvass the masses practicing yoga in NJ and all over the country today. And not all of these schools are created equal.

CGI sets itself apart with its practice of Dahn Yoga. It’s a modern approach to an ancient practice that seeks to utilize the ancient wisdom of Ki energy training to unlock the power of the mind. Created by Ilchi Lee in 1980, Dahn Yoga consists of a blend of yoga, tai chi, meditation, and martial arts exercises and workshops that fit into a comprehensive program that helps the body and the brain to realize their full potential.

Dahn Yoga operates on universal principles and our members at CGI find that regardless of their religious backgrounds, Dahn Yoga helps them attain truth through promoting body and mind awareness. Through practice, yoga students at CGI don’t learn, but realize their fitness and lifestyle goals. Dahn Yoga teaches that peace can be found from within, and that peace is meant to be shared for benefit of all. CGI’s Dahn Yoga classes are fun and accessible for any level of interest and skill, and most importantly, they’re effective. Our students feel more energetic, healthier, and find a greater respect for themselves and the world around them.

Come take our Dahn Yoga classes at CGI and see the results for yourself!

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  1. All these activities much as they are necessary put a strain on human mind and ability to concentrate and be more productive and efficient.The need for an exercise that will embody health effectiveness becomes paramount and thus practice of Dahn yoga exercise;an age-old oriental medication.

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