Friday, July 22, 2011

Finding the Right Spa/Massage Therapist

The fact of the matter is that the average person living in the greater New Jersey/New York area encounters too much stress in their daily lives. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, the demands of keeping up with the kids, or those daily annoyances that add up (rush hour traffic, anyone?) it’s easy for our bodies to become tense and wound up in the wrong way. And one of the most foolproof ways to recharge and de-stress is to get a massage. A massage NJ not only helps reinvigorate tired muscles, but also releases the pressure that builds up in different parts on the body.

Reflexology and massage focus on applying soothing pressure to various parts of the body such as the feet, back, hands and ears to refresh the body and mind while improving blood circulation. In fact, there are many different types of massage, like Shiatsu and Thai massage, which employ unique techniques and focus on specific body issues. Shiatsu massage, for example, helps stabilize energy levels, while Thai massage is a deeper kind of massage that involves stretching.

To get the most out of these massage techniques, it’s essential that you find a reputable and recommended spa/massage therapist. Many websites out there offer massage services so it’s always a good idea to ask questions and conduct a mini-interview to make sure that you feel comfortable with their expertise in the various types of massage they offer. One way to vet a spa/masseuse is to describe any preexisting conditions you have and ask them to recommend a particular massage technique. You may also want to ask about their experience – did the masseuse go to a formal school to learn proper massage technique? Do they continue to take classes to help hone their skill set? By engaging in this kind of dialogue it will be much easier to determine if that spa/masseuse is the right fit for you!

Once you’ve reached and appropriate level of comfort you can get down to the business of selecting from the variety of massage therapies available to you. For example, CGI Holistic Fitness specializes in a variety of Massage NJ services that help alleviate tension and pain in the body, helping clients a more relaxed, and energized state of body and mind. This "healing touch" contributes to the overall well-being of our clients and we welcome the opportunity to explore these options with you!

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