Friday, March 4, 2011

CGI Holistic Fitness Changed My Life

I can honestly say that working at CGI Holistic Fitness has changed my life.  Growing up I was always a sick child and ultimately spent a lot of time at the doctor’s office as well as countless hospital visits.  Being sick has definitely discouraged me to do many things in my life.  As I grew older I started to tolerate a lot of my allergies until I finally grew out of them.  I was able to be a normal kid and not have to worry about falling ill so often. 
After growing out of my “sick” stage, I started to battle insecurities including my weight and appearance.  I always wanted to feel comfortable and able to not have to worry about what I looked like and how I appeared to others.  I use to work in retail through high school and part of college.  My eating habits were all over the place and I would tend to choose a bag of chips and candy over healthier alternatives.  It was all the convenience of working in a retail store.  There was nothing around except for fast food and convenient snacks.  I had gained a lot of weight and just did not feel good about myself.
At this point, I decided I needed a change of pace.  I was later hired here at CGI Holistic Fitness as a receptionist.  After working for several months, I was determined to get into shape so I could feel better inside and out.  I had spent countless days eating healthy and exercising.  I could not do it without the help of the people surrounding me here.  The co-workers I worked with were very motivational and taught me how to control my body.  The members I worked for helped with great compliments that made me much more confident and want to work even harder at my goal.  Several months had passed and I had lost about 45-50 pounds in total.  Since then, I have always felt that if I can do it, anyone can.  Keep your mind on your goal and your heart in the right place and you will get there.  I am grateful for the experience I have had from working here at CGI Holistic Fitness and I want to thank all the people who helped me reach my goal.  Since then, I always wanted to be a part of this facility and help it grow as it has helped me grow.  CGI will definitely be a place I will remember as a place that has helped change my life.

Paul Markovic
Operations Manager
CGI Holistic Fitness

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