Friday, December 19, 2014

Natural Self-Healing Through Brain Wave Vibration

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A popular interest these days is wanting to heal in a natural, holistic way without the use of medication or pharmaceutical drugs. 

At CGI’s Healer School Program, all of our students learn about a method to help restore the body’s natural healing ability.

We call it Brain Wave Vibration.

Brain Wave Vibration utilizes the properties of energy (light, sound, and vibration) to stimulate the nerves, the brain, and our organs in to falling back to a correct, natural rhythm. At our most basic level, we are cells; cells naturally vibrate to move and come together. Many times, when we are ill, or have tumors/cancer, the cells of our body are vibrating at an abnormal rhythm.

Through the Brain Wave Vibration method, one can normalize the vibrational rhythm through thoughts, breathing, intention, and mindfulness. All of these together, combined with self-induced shaking or side-to-side movements, help to awaken one’s natural healing ability.

So what are the benefits of this?
Unlike other holistic programs, the benefits are multi-tiered.

On the physical level, you need to move your entire body. This promotes cardiovascular fitness, improved circulation, strength, and flexibility. Stress can be reduced which increases relaxation.

On the mental level, your mind will relax. You can release or easily change unwanted thoughts, negative emotions, experience a clearer mind, and you will begin to access your creative potential. Confidence will also start to increase.

On the spiritual level, you can begin to feel the energy field around you and gain a better sense of your life purpose. Compassion, kindness and gratitude will come naturally.

Through the Healer School Program, all of our students learn about Brain Wave Vibration. Through their own experience, they are better able to lead their friends and family through the exercise as well.

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