Monday, November 12, 2012

Healing teenage anxiety through meditation

BOS Meditation for Teenagers and Young Adults (ages 16-28)

Heal your emotional burdens…
Discover your inner potential…
Live a truly inspirational life.

What is BOS Meditation for Teenagers?

Today’s generation of teenagers and young adults are becoming overwhelmed by stress, pressures and outside influences absent from many years ago. Unfortunately, this demographic is ill equipped to navigate through the troubled waters they face. They often seek an unhealthy solution to ease their anxieties – causing physical and emotional damage that many times is irreparable.

But it is possible to find positive and effective ways to calm the mind and look within to discover a plan of action fully aligned with their true potential, their dreams and their overall well-being. It’s called BOS Meditation for Teenagers and Young Adults.

BOS Meditation is a program meant to teach the younger generation how to utilize their infinite potential in ways that are healthy, encouraging and constructive for their physical and emotional well-being – leading them down a path for a successful life.

If young people would devote a small portion of their time to learn these life-changing tools and techniques at this stage of the game, they’d find themselves on track for greater academic achievement, successful relationships and a life filled with genuine happiness.

This program is an opportunity to prevent the harmful choices so many make, which often impact the rest of their lives in ways they never imagined – leading to unfulfillment, unhappiness and a life void of any real meaning.

It’s time to make the choice to heal your emotional burdens, discover your inner potential and live a truly inspirational life.

Give CGI a call for more details on how you can get started at 201-784-5575.

 Program Details:
      A small group meets weekly for training and discussion.
      Physical training and meditation create a kind of “daily homework” to aid the process of healing   
     and self-discovery.
      Life and energy principles are learned and applied in daily life.

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